6 June 2018 Off By Florian Polycarpe

In 1962, South Korea gives birth to its national pride, Korean Air (as Korean Air Lines). In 1984, after being bought by the Hanjin group, it takes her current name, just before Seoul’s Olympic games. At the beginning of 70’s, KAL takes rank and start its Boeing 747’s routes from Seoul on Trans-Pacific legs; it also deserves Europe with its Boeing 707 and is the launching airline of the MD-11.
Today the Korean Skyteam member is operating 165 aircrafts from the Bombardier CS-300 to its majesty, the Airbus A380.
Moreover, it’s onboard this fabulous aircraft that we invite you to discover Korean’s hospitality, from Seoul-Incheon to Paris-CDG.

Last Month we proposed you to discover China Airlines, from Seoul. The Taiwanese airline is operating from Terminal 1. In fact, Terminal 2 is reserved for Korean Air and its major partners – Air France-KLM and Delta Airlines -. This terminal, as the T1, is offering a very large space and a high ceiling which gives you a sensation of lightness and a quiet ambience inside this building.
In Seoul, all of KAL’s flights are checked-in at the same desks, all of these being reserved for Korean Air flights, this process is fastest as a traditional one.

After check-in and security clearance, the airside area offers great duty-free for cosmetics, food, souvenirs, large green spaces and some musicians are playing in front of boarding gates which allows the most anxious passengers to relax before their flight.

For Aviation enthousiasts, Queen and King are sharing the same aisle in Seoul…

… unfortunately liveries are not really varied

Forty-five minutes are needed to board completely the biggest commercial aircraft in the world.

When everybody is comfortably seated, flight attendants are passing through the ranks to propose every passenger an Oshibori.

Korean Air is offering a water bottle of welcome from Jeju, the famous Korean Island in the south of South Korea, but also an amenity kit stuffed with slippers, teeth brush and toothpaste and a night mask.

Fast look on our right, Korean reigns supreme here. Here is the 747-8 saw below, flying to Rome-Fiumicino

In the economy cabin, the low-density choice made by Korean Air with 407 seats and 3-4-3 configuration, is really appreciable for more than eleven hours. This one offers a 34″ (86cm) pitch and 18″ (45cm) width, an important thing, when you are reclining your seat, this one is moving forward to offers the most comfortable position as possible.

Regarding the IFE, this one is offering a very large selection of entertainment, as newest international movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, French, etc..), or famous CD albums.

A little time after the takeoff, the lunch is served. For us, it will be the Bulgogi – beef marinated in soy sauce -, a Korean national dish composed of Rice, bean sprouts, vegetables, sesame oil, chilli paste, soy and egg.

Then during the flight, between two Hollywood’s blockbuster, flight attendant proposes you a kimbap as a snack, which is a big triangle maki, with an orange juice.

And finally, when flying over Northern Europe, Korean is offering the diner. This time, we choose the spicy Korean pork with its vegetables and rice.
All of these dishes are very tasteful compared to some other airlines’ dishes.

Thirty minutes before the arrival, we are starting descent and SURPRISE! A French weather style is there to welcome you in France’s beautiful capital city.

Korean Air, thanks to the Airbus A380, is offering a very comfortable travel, with a service close to a Premium economy one. The little touches as the amenity kit or oshibori, which are more and rarer on European’s airline, are very appreciable for such a long flight. Korean Air is probably the best service proposed between Seoul and Paris, despite Air France’s brand-new Best and Beyond, and Asiana with its Boeing 777.

We would like to thank you, obviously dear readers, for your unfailing support and once again to make everything that happens to us possible today.